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Jump Starts

Flat battery jump start services in Wigan

Often when it is least convenient, such as when you’re preparing for the commute to work. Discovering your Car won’t start and that your battery is flat, leaves you with that sinking feeling in your stomach. However, this grey cloud has the silver lining of a quick fix and simple solution.

Rig Rescue 24HR Recovery & Roadside Towing Ltd can be with you within a maximum 30 minutes, if your within Wigan. Whether your in Haigh (WN1), Hindley (WN2), Winstanley (WN3), Garswood (WN4), Pemberton (WN5), Standish (WN6), Pennington (WN7) or Parbold (WN8). We can be with you within minutes, because we are based in Wigan. We are near you and operate a truly 24 hour service, therefore you’ll find us convenient, reliable, affordable and the least stressful option.

You don’t need to understand the difference between lead acid batteries or jump packs. Terms like ‘Voltage’, ‘Polarity’ and ‘Amps’ don’t need to be part of your vocabulary. We can get you going again quickly in most cases.

Our car flat battery jump start service is available day or night to assist all drivers. You may be a local pharmacist needing to deliver medication to your customers or a parent needing to pick up their children from school. If you have an urgent need for help in Wigan, then you can’t go wrong giving us a call on 01942 294 168. Rig Rescue 24HR Recovery & Roadside Towing Ltd will be happy to help you get out of your pickle.

Flat battery issues can affect any size of vehicle. The majority of vehicles require a working battery to start and run the engine. A reliable battery is a necessity you will under appreciate while it’s working perfectly. Batteries come in different sizes and with different power ratings.

Unfortunately, if your calling us due to a flat battery, more often than not, replacing the battery is essential. If your battery has reached the end of it’s life and has stopped working reliably, then we can ensure the correct replacement is installed. However, if the battery is still usable but drained, we can get you going again using a jump pack.